Taipei Tours

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is one of the most dynamic cities in Asia where you will be able to visit modern and trendy bars, boutiques, restaurants, and even Colonial Japanese and Qing Dynasty architecture that can be found along the Wanhua district and Dihua Street. When you choose to stay in the city for a vacation, you should not miss out on visiting the numerous Taipei attractions to enjoy everything that these places have to offer.

Multi-Day Tours

With that, here are some of the best Taipei tours that travelers can experience during their vacation:

Full-Day Danshui Tour – Food, History, and Night Market Walking

During this Taipei tour, you will be given the chance to learn about the floating community, traditional food markets, and the local temples of the area. Walk down the Old Street of Danshui and sample local treats while a friendly local guide takes you around.

Half-Day Folk Arts Tour

One of the best Taipei tours is exploring the town of Yingge and Sansia; you will have an expert guide who will share various stories and the history of Taiwan’s folk art heritage. When you reach Yingge, get the chance to learn about the country’s pottery-making history while admiring the numerous hand-painted replicas of the Ming vases. In Sansia, walk through the streets that are lined with beautiful buildings until you reach the 19th-century temple of Ching Shui Tsu Shih.

Day Trips in Taipei

Tonghua Night Market Food Tour

This is mainly a weekend-only Taipei tour where you will start the trip by visiting the Jianguo Holiday Flower and Jade Market before heading to the Tonghua Night Market to sample local treats and delicacies.

Central and Southern Taiwan Tour

Witness the scenic Taipei attractions of central and southern Taiwan, then visit the town of Puli, the Kenting National Park, Kaohsiung, Sun Moon Lake, and the town of Lukang; see the magnificent pagodas, temples, and pavilions.

Bar Hopping Tour

Enjoy and discover the city’s top nightspots during this bar hopping Taipei tour; you will be exploring these hot attractions via minivan, and with the help of a friendly guide, he or she will take you to the most popular bars and clubs in the area for you to experience Taipei’s vibrant and fun nightlife scene.

Private Northeast Coast Tour

Enjoy Taipei tours where you can discover the numerous seascapes and favorite attractions in the city such as the Nanya and Jiaoshi Hot Springs. Have fun during this nine-hour tour of the northeastern coast from Taipei to explore the area’s sandy beaches and rugged shoreline

Private Day Tour – Mukumugi Valley

Mugumugi is a well-kept haven in Hualien and is known as one of the best Taipei attractions for its crystalline water and stunning rocks. The area used to be a place that could be easily accessed by vehicles, yet due to the steps of preserving the location, visitors were required to travel and hike to reach this breathtaking paradise. A professional guide will take you to the hidden pool so it is highly suggested that you bring your swimwear and additional clothing with you.

Nantou Walking Day Tour

Take the challenge and walk past the 136-meter Zhushan Sky Ladder which is one of the most exciting Taipei tours that you can take part in. Journey through the heart of the country during this private day trip, then walk together with your personal guide and explore the beautiful bamboo forest before crossing the ravine ahead. Get the chance to see the forested mountain paradise where the Earth God Temple and Green Dragon Waterfall can be seen.

Tours & Sightseeing

Rock Climbing Day Trip – Long Dong

Enjoy Taipei tours where you will get your heart pumping by rock climbing at Long Dong; during the tour, you will have an expert guide who will provide you with all the necessary equipment for your rock climbing adventure. You will be given a route that will be suitable for your skill level, then be thoroughly checked to see if every equipment and safety gear is ready for your adventure.

The Shifen Old Street Walk and Pingxi Sky Lantern Tour

A fun and interesting tour that aims to transport you to the age-old coal mining town called Pingxi. Visiting the various areas in the Shifen Old Street will take you back to the past while the tour’s Flying Sky Lantern will inspire your thoughts to think into the future.