Taipei Tourist Spots

Taipei has always been a famous tourist destination spot because of its colossal buildings, vibrant nightlife, and fun shopping activities; yet have you ever tried exploring the traditional culture and historical landmarks / sites of the area? Taipei has a very strong influence from the Japanese and Chinese with just hints of the Western culture to add more flavor to the city.

Tours & Sightseeing

Tourists already know about the prominent and towering skyscrapers in the city, yet the natural and cultural beauties and treasures of the many Taipei attractions still need to be further explored. So to give you better idea of these hidden treasures of the region, here are some of the best Taipei tourist spots that you should definitely visit, especially if you want some touring diversities.

Kenting National Park

This is an unusual sight to see in Taiwan since you would not expect to see white sandy beaches and charming palm trees in the area; however, that is what you will see at the Kenting National Park, and thus has become the country’s natural treasure as well as one of the best touristic places in Taipei.


Lukang is one of the relaxing Taipei tourist spots that features a cozy environment where beautiful old heritage establishments line the streets along with quaint little charming shops. Some tourists take trips to this area to enjoy the history and tradition of the region, plus if you decide to visit this area, you can explore numerous handicraft shops and find some delectable local cuisines that will make your mouth water

Day Trips in Taipei

Hell Valley or the Geothermal Valley

If you want to enjoy and soak in the healing waters of the region’s natural hot springs, head for the Hell or Geothermal Valley in Taipei; this is among the popular collection of natural hot springs dotted all over the Beitou district which is considered as one of the most stunning touristic places in Taipei.

Jianguo Flower & Jade Market

Visiting the Jianguo Flower and Jade market during holidays and weekdays is probably one of the smartest things to do when trying to find the best Taipei tourist spots to visit. The market is split into two separate markets where one sells flowers while the other focuses on jade, but this is not the only thing they sell there. You will find pearls, charms, gemstones, loose beads, and other jewelry on sale.

Fo Guang Shan Monastery

This monastery is known to be one of the region’s most visited temples; also, it is one of the best Taipei tourist spots. It has an expansive golden Buddha that expands to over a hundred meters in height with almost five-hundred little replicas of this deity that rest along its feet.

Xiangshan Hiking Trail

The Elephant Mountain can be found along the hills beyond the region’s city limits, and this is a collection of beautiful trekking and walking trails that lead to some of the most stunning and charming paths where epic views can be seen. A lot of people agree that this is one of the most touristic places in Taipei and it is also one of the most perfect escape from the chaos of the city.

Sun Moon Lake

The Sun Moon Lake is probably one of the most stunning and beautiful Taipei attractions to mention since the Lalu Island separates the lake into two portions where one mimics the moon while the other mimics the sun. If you decide to go hiking here, it will be one of the most scenic hiking trails in the world; if you are not up for hiking, you can rent bikes instead to ride and explore the area.

Guandu / Kuantu Temple

This is a place where you can experience Taoism which is unique to Fujian and Taipei, making this a popular Taipei tourist spots. This particular Taoist temple is located just north of the city, and it dates all the way back to the 17th century. The temple is also dedicated to the most important deity in the whole of Taiwan, the Goddess Matsu.

Multi-Day Tours

Evergreen Maritime Museum

This unique museum is among the interesting and beautiful touristic places in Taipei that will get your creative ideas working. They exhibit replicas of historical vessels, modern ships, maritime artifacts, as well as paintings that will make you wonder how they created these. Though it is not one of the main attractions to visit in the area, it is still one great place to explore, especially for boat lovers.


Yilan can be reached in less than an hour and this is because of the Hsuehshan Tunnel – the second longest highway tunnel in East Asia. Yilan is one of the best Taipei attractions that is known for its charming natural beauty and breathtaking views.