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Eastern Taipei Shopping and Eslite Bookstore Tour

Taipei East District is the city’s key financial and commercial center, with modern high-rises and fashionable department stores. This tour will take you to discover some landmark places in the East District. You will visit one of the world’s tallest building Taipei 101, Daan Forest Park, the 24/7 bookstore Eslite Dunnan Branch,Forty-four Village(Sisinancun Quancun Museum), and enjoy a traditional Chinese steamed buns lunch (xiaolongbao) at the famous Michelin-star awarded restaurant Din Tai Fung.

One Day Taipei City Highlights and Afternoon Shopping Tour

Your one day Taipei city highlight tour will take you to most of the famous Taipei attractions: CKS Memorial Hall, Longshen Temple, and Taipei 101 Observatory. During the tour, you will also have an opportunity to visit Sunny Hills Pineapple Cake store where you can try their famous pineapple cake and tea. In the afternoon, you will go to Hankou Street, and it is famous for selling photographic equipment and accessories. At the end of the tour, you can spend more time at Q-Square Shopping Mall right by Taipei Breeze Station to stock up your Taiwan souvenir.