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Experience Beijing Opera: Private Makeup Session and Show at TaipeiEYE

You’ll feel like a Chinese opera star during this 2-hour session with a professional makeup artist. Try on intricate hair pieces, face paint and traditional silk clothing with the Chinese Opera, and capture photos of your unique experience. You’ll be inspired by a riveting 90-minute performance beforehand that mixes mime, martial arts, acrobatics, dance and music. Watch as folk tales like ‘Mulan’ or Taiwanese aboriginal stories, depending on the season’s offerings, are acted out on Taipei’s renowned stage.

Chinese Opera Show Ticket at TaipeiEYE

See a visually stunning performance at TaipeiEYE, a venue recognized for its traditional Chinese and Taiwanese performing arts. The 90-minute evening show is a sort of Chinese opera that incorporates mime, dance, acrobatics and martial arts; it’s a tradition that dates back to the 18th century. Each riveting show, such as ‘Lion Dance’ and ‘Mulan,’ tells an engaging story based on Chinese history or literature, or aboriginal Taiwanese folktales.

3-hour walking tour: Experiencing 3 traditional performances at Dadaocheng

Dadaocheng was the most prosperous trading center dating back to the
1860s. Tea export had amazingly occupied 90% of the exported goods. You will have a better understanding about Dadaocheng neighborhood and it’s culture and history by attending this tour. In addition, you will see 3 different Taiwan folk culture performances: hand puppet performance, Peikuan, and Taiwanese Opera all at once. Come and join this great culture walking tour, and bring a special Dadaocheng memory home with you.